Randomizes BPM within a certain range when loaded (now with random time signature, too).

Put this in your default template, set the range, activate randomization with the buttons to the right and save your template. On the next start the tempo and/or the time signature of your set will be randomized. When you save a set it will not trigger another randomization on loading unless you activate randomization again before you save it.

The buttons on the left randomize instantly.

Init sets the BPM to 120 and the time signature to 4/4.

V 1.3: Internal cleanup.

V 1.4: The Reset button is now highlighted when Reset is engaged. More housekeeping.

V 1.5: Code optimized.

V 1.5.1: Fixed a bug, where Reset stayed on after loading.

V 2.0: Added randomization of time signature.

V2.1: Added Settings for custom Init values.