A simple multi tap stereo delay with filter for every stereo tap. Drive and feedback controls.

Tap Dance

Multitap delay with eight taps. Set the delay time with the first tap. Every consecutive tap depends on the one before.
Settings for volume, filter-frequency, -gain, -resonance, -type, panorama and transpose for each tap.


A floating window with information about various parameters in Live.


This device lets you map a parameter in Live to time and date. Could be useful for art installations.


This is a drumrack for Fxpansions Tremor drumsynth. Each Pad represents a slot in Tremor with its own audio output and a Max for Live device mapped to the four macro controls.


Randomizes BPM within a certain range when loaded (now with random time signature, too).


Triggers the selected scene. Put a bunch of these in a drumrack (mind the quantizing) and you are able to sequence scenes via a midi clip.
Just be sure to disable stop buttons for the track the drumrack sits on.


A 32 dial version of my MultiMapper device with tabbed UI. This is a m4l MIDI device, so you can put this as the first device in a MIDI track.

Map any midi-mapable control to the dials. You can save and randomize presets as well as morph the first four presets with an x/y pad.


Simple Clip Trigger. Put this in a drumrack to get loops playing in sync. This overcomes a weakness of Live's Sampler. Intended for live use.


Displays the channel strip of the currently selected track in a floating window.